IV Research Pitches Contest

We are happy to let you know, that as the University of Pécs is a member of the Compostela Group of Universities, all of our students have the opportunity to take part in the COMPOSTELA GROUP OF UNIVERSITIES IV RESEARCH PITCHES CONTEST.


IV Research Pitches Contest


The aim of this contest is to promote and recognise the research work carried out in the Compostela Group of Universities’ (CGU) member Universities.

Researchers are invited to present their investigations through research pitches. A pitch is a short presentation that aims to convince someone of the value of something, usually with the aim of selling a product or getting financing for a project. The idea is that CGU researchers have the opportunity to disseminate their work at their University and beyond, to:

  • Find funding.
  • Contact other research groups that carry out similar research works.
  • Attract researchers and doctoral students who wish to carry out the same type of research.
  • Disseminate research results to the academic community and society in general.

This contest will reward the pitches submitted by the researchers from our member universities that best reach the general public and transmit the relevance of the project, as well as its contribution to society.


Three prizes will be awarded in this edition:

  • 1 st prize: 1000 euros gross and a diploma of recognition.
  • 2 nd prize: 600 euros gross and a diploma of recognition.
  • 3 rd prize: 300 euros gross and a diploma of recognition.

The monetary prize will be transferred directly to the corresponding winning researcher in a single and indivisible payment, by bank transfer.


  • February 2020 – Launching of 2020 call.
  • 8 May 2020 (12:00 PM GMT – noon) – Deadline for submission of applications.
  • June 2020 – Jury deliberation and the announcement of the winners.
  • September 2020 – Official presentation of the winning pitches during the annual Compostela Group of Universities General Assembly.

Further information:

Guidelines: http://web.gcompostela.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Guidelines-CGU-Res...

Letter of Support: http://web.gcompostela.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Letter-of-support-...

Application form: https://airtable.com/shroilfSVyso8v8xZ